How much should a resume lie?

This is one of the big questions a professional comes across. Let’s admit it –even the most illustrious resumes have some or another kind of gap somewhere, relating to some area of their careers. So, the question is: How much should I lie in my resume to cover up a gap?

Covering up

It is common practice for HR not to make background checks and verification of very old data, something that is over ten years old. So, if the lacuna in the resume is of very old origin, of more than a decade, few would bother to worry about it. It is in the covering up of recent gaps that the problem arises.

Small lies are fine

Let us say you were laid off and had a problem with finding a job for a year and a half. This is quite a wide gap, because if you did not work for this period of time, it is unlikely you would have done something to augment your skills. This is how HR looks at it: If indeed, you wanted to augment your skills, why did you wait for your employer to fire you?

The best way to explain such a gap is to say that you assisted your father in his business. Ok, you had every right to move into your father’s business at some point of time your professional life. And obtaining a certificate to this effect from your old man is not going to be difficult!

The extent

The big point about lying is the extent to which you can do it. It is reasonable to expect that you worked for your father for a while because of “family compulsions”, but to say that you got a degree you didn’t is asking for trouble. Likewise, saying that you worked for someone when you didn’t is equally dangerous. When you fail at the background check, it not only reflects poorly on your integrity; it is sure to halt your progress in the future.

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