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How does HR deal with habitual latecomers?

Let’s face it. There are some employees who think it is their privilege to come to office at any time that suits them, and the concept of 8 to 5 simply doesn’t seem to fit for them. For them, the regular sleep, food and work shifts don’t fit into one pattern. One of HR’s duties is enforcing discipline in the organization. So, how does it treat or deal with latecomers?

Who is a latecomer?

First, let us get the definition of a latecomer right. There are a few organizations that permit people to come in late and stay late hours, or vice versa. Yet, within these altered or flexible timings, if there are employees that skip the bell, then we call that employee a latecomer. HR’s dilemma arises out of the person’s importance to the organization.

Some kinds of employees have to be left to themselves

If the latecomer is the boss’ blue-eyed boy and the boss has no problem with it, then HR is utterly powerless in ‘disciplining’ him. It is not wise on the part of HR to remind such an employee about his non-adherence to office working hours beyond once or twice. If HR starts to insist on such an employee’s strict working hours, it is HR that shows itself as being interfering. Nothing is more embarrassing than to hear words like: “If the boss is fine with my working hours, what is your problem?” or the like.


Depends on the organization

Similarly, the boss could be fine with an extremely talented employee who could be a great contributor to the organization. If such a person has erratic working hours, then too, HR has to keep quiet. So, how much liberty does HR have in enforcing working hours? Take it or leave it –it is not too much. In organizations where working hours are a strict requirement and matter as a criterion for promotions and other rewards, this discipline can be enforced. If the organization is of the kind where the boss has the final word and the latecomers are “on his side”, then HR has to keep its urge to discipline under wraps!
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