How does HR deal with employees that rejoin?

It is common practice for employees to keep shifting organizations. Some return to organizations for which they have worked in the past. How does HR deal with this “new old” employee? How new or old that employee is depends on how long she has been away. Along with this, there are other issues that HR faces with this kind of employee.

Good for HR, but only to an extent

Since the person rejoining the organization is someone who is already known to HR; there isn’t a big deal to be lost in terms of background checks, employment history verification and other things like the employee’s acculturation.

But all this helps only up to a point. If the employee has been away for a very long time, chances are that all these need to be done afresh. Also, HR will have to estimate whether the employee’s skills relevant to the job were finessed or wasted during the time spent away from the organization.

Some things don’t change!

Dealing with employees who have rejoined may be good in a sense, but HR will still have to deal with the readmitted employee in terms of issues like pay, the position held at the time of leaving, in what position she worked in the other organization and what she is willing to take up here again.

May not be fully welcome

It is possible that the person rejoining an organization may not be fully welcome, at least be a few employees. HR needs to address issues such as this, which are unique to rejoining employees.


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