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Employee empowerment is critical for business success

Make no mistake -employees are an organization’s greatest asset. No matter how advanced the technology an organization is using is; never forget that technology is subservient to humans, from whom it evolved. When employees are the ones who make an organization what it is –well, almost –shouldn’t they be part of vital organizational decisions?

Why empower employees?

The most important reason for which employees need to be empowered is that they are part of the organization. When this most important part of the organization, which is one of the drivers of growth, is isolated from major decision-making, the result is obvious. A lack of employee empowerment saps the motivation levels, making the workforce a dull one.

Benefits galore

The benefit of empowering employees is something incalculable. Which is a happier organization than one in which the employees contribute their best to the organization’s growth not out of coercion, but out of volition? A happy organization, it goes without saying, is a profitable one. Nothing drives an organization better and faster to its goals than motivated employees.

Ways of empowering employees

Empowering employees is a part of employee engagement. In fact, they complement each other, because if you just engage employees, it is insufficient, unless you empower them to be engaged. Likewise, employee empowerment is impossible without engagement, since as we saw, it is part of the latter.

You could make employees feel more empowered by:

  • Making them part of important decision making
  • Making them participate in the organization’s businesses and activities
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise with them and giving these back to them in return
  • Making them get the feeling that they are important contributors to the organization’s goals and growth
  • Giving them the resources needed for action
  • Giving them the chance to experiment with their ideas, instead of giving instructions

The above is just a snapshot of the ways in which employees can be empowered. An organization can keep experimenting with several ways of employee empowerment. This is an ongoing process, and if the organization is sufficiently seriously interested, it can empower employees in a variety of ways.
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