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Does the idea of a company Suggestion Box work?

We have seen it all over the place, from restaurants wanting to know how a customer felt about the food and service to a school wanting to know about its services from a parent. But does the same work in an organization? Incredible as might sound; a Suggestion Box is, if implemented right, one of the simplest and most effective ways of taking a company all the way right up to changing its very destiny. So, the entire focal point boils down to the way a Suggestion Box concept is implemented in an organization. Here are some tips:

Be clear about the purpose

Many organizations communicate wrongly about this idea to employees, creating the impression that they can offer suggestions on absolutely anything. HR has to very clearly state which specific area they are looking for suggestions from their employees, and what they hope to achieve with this.

Make it transparent

Employees shouldn’t make it a secretive affair; in other words, they should not feel that their suggestions will be rubbished. Let there no provision for making suggestions anonymous. If the management has no clue to who has given a very valuable suggestion, what is the point? It deprives them the opportunity to spot a potential goldmine of an employee!

Make rewards meaningful

Some companies have gone to the extent of promoting an employee’s whose suggestions changed the company’s fortunes. What is wrong with that? If an employee’s suggestion is indeed powerful and out of this world, who deserves a rewardbetter?

Fix a time frame

Over a point of time, suggestions tend to become outdated. So, let HR and management be clear about the timeframe for the suggestion. Even an earth shaking idea will cease to shake the earth if it does not ripen at the right time.

Other tips

Management has to take an active part in what gets in the Suggestion Box. If someone is put in charge of it, it will be easier to coordinate and implement. As we saw in the beginning, implementation is key to making this a kicker of a concept.



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