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Disciplining employees

This happens at some or another point of time in an HR professional’s career. Having to discipline an employee is an inescapable part of one’s job. When it comes to disciplining senior employees, the task is all the more unpleasant and difficult. Yet, HR has to do some things, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant.

Depends on the nature of the deed

Disciplining – understood as changing an employee’s attitude to bring it in line with the organization’s objectives –should essentially be seen as something that the HR will have to carry out on the errant employee when all option so than termination are exhausted. Disciplining has to be done when the employee has been given enough chances to rectify his mistakes. When the management and the HR make it known to the employee that something more than what he is doing is expected, it is up to the employee to show improved performance. It is only when this is unsatisfactory that disciplining has to be resorted to.

A must Make no mistake – disciplining, regardless of the age or seniority or past performance of the employee to be disciplined –is a must. If an employee is shown to be a consistently low performer despite opportunities for performing better, he has to be disciplined. If the disciplining is not done to such an employee, it reflects badly on the management and the organization. Letting a poor-performing employee off is detrimental to the organization’s interests.

How to discipline?

Disciplining is about two aspects. In any disciplining, the personal aspect of the employee has to be separated from the act. Two, discipline is the act of taking appropriate, early action so that major disasters can be averted. Disciplining is like the proverbial one stitch in time saving nine. HR professionals refer to this sort of disciplining as progressive disciplining.

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