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Dealing with ultra-sensitive colleagues

Colleagues at the workplace come in all hues, shapes and sizes. We don’t have choice over who our colleagues could be. But we have a choice of how to behave with them. Unless of course, we happen to have colleagues that are super-sensitive!

They crying doll in the workplace

The sensitive person is one who gets hurt very easily. He/she is the kind of person who takes every word extremely seriously and is offended by even words that are not remotely meant to offend.

Most organizations don’t realize they have a potential sensitive person at the time of the interview. It is only when they start working that their colleagues realize that such people are usually touchy and get irritated easily. They are difficult to speak to and many colleagues avoid communication with them because of the reaction it might trigger in the sensitive colleague.

But they are nice people!

Yet, sensitive persons are neither crooks nor dangerous! Far from it; in fact, they are actually known to be very efficient, intelligent, hardworking and loyal. So, what is the problem? Most sensitive people have one common trait apart from getting hurt easily: they like to be listened to, like being told what to do very politely and neatly, and very importantly, respected for their work.

Deal with them this way…

So, here is the answer to the question asked in this blog! Just listen to sensitive people (psst…they hate to be shouted at, so keep a low tone). Then, praise them for their idea. Be very nice to them, and appreciate them for whatever they do.

But does it mean that you can never criticize them? Well, if you have to do that, be pleasant, and tell them how a thing they did could have been better if it had been done differently. Sounds too demanding, but that is the way it goes with this breed!


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