Dealing with difficult employees

This is one of the several unpleasant, yet unavoidable aspects that many of us face at work. This is especially so for a manager. Who is a difficult employee? Although there are various kinds of behavior that difficult employees exhibit; a typically difficult employee is one who bullies others; takes undue credit for work; likes to enjoy all the attention and make sure he is the center of attraction all the time.

Dealing with tact

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to deal with such employees with tact. This is especially when employees who are difficult are also exceptionally talented. The organization cannot always expect talented employees to be very good in terms of behavior. Often, their work alone is something that is to be valued, and not their behavior. Still, the organization has to keep such employees because they do contribute more than the average, “Mr. Nice Guy”. In the case of such employees, managers have to use tact, because the talented difficult employee needs a lot of praise and appreciation. If giving these is going to soften his approach a bit; so be it. Of course, this action may not fully go down well with other employees, but that cannot be helped, because the difficult employees’ contribution to the organization’s goals is much higher than that of the other sober employees.

Dealing in tough ways

A manager has to sometimes deal with difficult employees in tough ways. A difficult employee may have developed that attitude as a result of his upbringing, and may be convinced that his behavior is the right one. The manager needs to interact with such an employee and make him understand that his behavior may be fine at home, but is not welcome at the workplace. If the employee still continues to exhibit proud and unworthy behavior, there will be no alternative to axing him.

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