Customer service is not the same as customer experience

Many organizations, in fact, most organizations, strive to achieve good customer service. There is nothing wrong with this, as customer service is the cornerstone of a good relationship with the customer. The more the customer feel satisfied, the more likely he is in remaining a customer to your product or service.

Customer experience is different and higher

Customer experience, however, goes beyond customer service. It is the next, much higher step from customer service. Customer service is offering your service, and hence is interwoven into your business. But customer experience is about making the customer experience the various aspects of the service. In other words, customer service is about offering your product or service to the customer and making her feel happy about it; customer experience is about making the customer feel she is part of your organization, and hence is an extension of customer service.

Hear it from your customer

How do you know customer service is effective? It is not when you think you have given the customer the kind of service you think she was looking for; it is when she says that she was satisfied with your service that you know customer service was effective. This is what customer experience is all about.

Facilitating customer experience

One of the best tools for gauging the impact of customer service is to hear from your customer that her experience with your organization waspleasant and effective. This happens when you ask your customers what their experience with dealing with your organization felt like. This is something that you have to elicit from your customer. Sending a generalized, mass mail is not of much use. Make it personal, for this will be effective and sound friendly. An organization that cares for its customers and makes them experience the organization’s working is successful at customer experience.



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