Communicating to seniors is an art

Communication is at the core of a career in any organization. Whether it is a senior manager or a coffee supplier; the need for communication is always there. Communication goes beyond style. It is not about having command over one’s vocabulary, either. It is about being effective in what one is saying.

Communicating to seniors

This is one of the important tasks a junior or mid-level employee has to do. Communicating is always very important, regardless of whether the message is important or trivial. How does an employee communicate to seniors in the organization?

Let it be crisp

An employee has to remember that seniors are usually people who have lots of things to do all the time. When they seek important communication from their junior employees; they are not likely to be having too much time at their disposal. What they usually look for is specific information about a particular aspect of their work. So, when the junior employee is communicating to the seniors; she has to be crisp, meaning concise and to the point.

Make it effective

When something has to be conveyed to the senior management, think of what they look for. Not only should the communication be to the point; it should be effective. It should see how it is going to make a difference to their decision making. Any communication from a junior employee is not called for, unless it is important. So, the junior employee can make it useful by presenting communication –verbal or written –in such a manner that it fosters quicker and more effective decisions from the senior management.


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