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Communicate properly

Communication is at the heart of organizational matters. Communication is about conveying information and matters within and outside the organization. The two important aspects of communication are what is conveyed, and how that is conveyed.

Know what to say

The communicator, irrespective of the position he or she is in, has to understand that the most important aspect of any communication is to know what to say. This is the nucleus of the idea of communication, because this is what the basis of the

communication is. The essence of the communication is the most important element, because without it, there is no need for the communication. The way of saying what has to be said can vary depending on who it is being said to, but the central idea of what has to be conveyed is the same.

Choice of words is important

Once the idea of what has to be said is clear, the next important thing is to know how to say it. This follows the first aspect.For example, conveying something to a manager will be of one kind, while saying the same matter to another grade of employee could require a different way of putting it. A manager may need to be told in business terms with the aid of figures and statistics, while another set of employees may not require these. The choice of words is thus important.

Understand if you were understood

Once a communication has been made; it is very important to understand what was understood. Or else, the purpose of the communication is completely lost. One of the ways of doing this is to ask the person to repeat what was communicated. This ensures that both are on the same page. A more solid way of ensuring that proper communication has taken place is to put everything down in writing. This is often done after meetings, but it could be a good practice to do this even when it is not so formal.


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